About RESCUEDohio

RESCUEDohio was founded on August 1, 2015 by a group of dedicated animal lovers in the central Ohio area.  The founders came from various different vocational backgrounds, but all have one thing in common:  the passion to save dogs.  Before starting RESCUEDohio, they were previously involved in different aspects of rescue, including fostering, fundraising, coordinating and training.  The mission of this group is to help find homes for unwanted and abandoned dogs and to advocate for the rights of all animals everywhere.

RESCUEDohio places approximately 450 - 500 dogs a year into their forever homes.  We are all volunteers and have no paid employees.  All of the proceeds from this site go directly towards helping the dogs in our care.

To learn more about what we do or see the dogs in our care, visit our website at